Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Subway Expansion in the City of Lost Angels...

According to this article, it looks like Los Angeles is finalizing plans to extend its subway system.  If you've been to LA and attempted to use mass transit to get around, you've probably realized that the subway system really needs more connectivity to make it a viable option.

With more connectivity, comes more conflict though as the transit system is debating between a route that goes under Santa Monica Boulevard and one that travels under mostly private property:

Via public suggestion, Metro looked into moving the station two-tenths of a mile toward the center of Century City and found that ridership would increase and thus stand more chance of federal funding. But the new station would mean tunneling under under at least 30 private properties, a mix of residential and non-residential. The original proposal ran the subway under Santa Monica Boulevard.

Not surprisingly, emotions are high over this underground expansion. What is surprising is the amazingly blunt and frank opposition...talk about some straight-to-the-point NIMBYs:

“Months ago, I wrote you a letter pointing out the danger you expose the MTA and the County by choosing a route under our homes in Westwood . I pointed out that your route would pass under more political activists and lawyers than you can possibly imagine,” said Charles Edelsohn, a board member for the Comstock Hills Homeowners Association, according to the Beverly Hills Courier. “Now you are compounding your folly by routing another section under Beverly Hills activists and Beverly Hills lawyers.”

Be afraid.  Very afraid of the activists and attorneys under whose backyard you might end up traveling...

--Chad Emerson, Faulkner U.


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Chad -

This post reminds me of practicing land use law in Washington, DC, where it sometimes seemed _all_ of the neighbors were lawyers...

Posted by: Jamie Baker Roskie | Jul 6, 2010 1:05:32 PM