Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chimpanzee Gangs Kill for Land

Now here at the Land Use Prof Blog, we have assembled a team of bloggers with different areas of specialty, but all of whom I think share the idea that land use is a fundamentally interdisciplinary subject: it involves many fields within law, and many disciplines and professions across the human landscape, and transcends national systems as well.  But until today, I never thought that land use involved inter-species issues.  But I was wrong.   Check out Chimpanzee Gangs Kill for Land.

Chimp-on-chimp attacks in the wild are very common, especially among small packs of males on patrol. Now research suggests the motive for these crimes is to gain territory. . . . 

"The take-home is clear and simple," said researcher John Mitani of the University of Michigan. "Chimpanzees kill each other. They kill their neighbors. Up until now, we have not known why. Our observations indicate that they do so to expand their territories at the expense of their victims."

So maybe the impulse to control the use of land transcends humanity.  Do the chimpanzees signal our "primal" innate desire to own land and regulate it?  Who knows; read it for fun.  

Matt Festa

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