Thursday, April 1, 2010

TDRs in Beaufort Part III

A couple of times now I've I posted about an interesting project Will Cook and I have in Beaufort, South Carolina, helping them implement a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program.  Our team went back to Beaufort last week, although I wasn't able to join them due to a schedule conflict. (I was at the Red Clay Conference.)

Today the local paper in Beaufort  ran an editorial supporting the TDR program.  As I've previously mentioned, TDRs are a popular idea in Beaufort because they potentially serve the twin goals of preserving rural land while protecting the Marine Corp Air Station from encroachment.  In the past several years the Department of Defense has been supporting Joint Land Use Studies in areas where bases and local land uses potentially conflict.  The Beaufort TDR program comes out of the Lowcountry JLUS.  This combination of federal and local resources makes implementation of a land conservation tool like TDRs uniquely viable.  I'll continue to post about developments.

Jamie Baker Roskie

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