Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Keep Houston Ugly

So last night after yoga class I'm standing in the check out line at our local Earth Fare and I spot the latest issue of Good.  This issue's theme is "Here Comes the Neighborhood." Given all the work I've done with neighborhoods (including my own) over the years, I purchased this as a must-read.

I've just started digging in, but I came across something immediately blog-worthy - a quiz about local slogans.  It turns out that "Keep Houston Ugly" is one of the several "Keep America Beautiful" riffs around the country.  For whatever reason, Texas has several, including "Keep San Antonio Lame" (care to explain that one, Matt?), "Keep Austin Weird" (heard that one before), and "Keep Waco Wacko" (fair enough).

Athens needs a better slogan than "The Classic City" (besides "Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful" which is a great organization but not a great slogan).  Maybe I'll start a "Keep Athens..." contest .

Jamie Baker Roskie

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"Keep Austin Weird" is a semi-official slogan and a point of pride for Austinites. I haven't seen any "Keep Houston Ugly" signs, but I suspect it is more likely an expression of snark by ironic hipster types or self-loathing Houstonians.

Although there are some folks who are adamant about keeping the *right* for Houston to be ugly. That is, in opposition to proposed signage restrictions and other aesthetic regulations-- here in the Unzoned City.

Posted by: Matt Festa | Apr 14, 2010 11:31:08 AM

Keep Athens Drunk! (i hate snowclones)

Posted by: Joshua Gloster | Apr 16, 2010 10:39:37 PM