Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby, It's Cold in Here

From one of my favorite periodicals, The New York Times, an article on people who like it cold in their houses. How cold?  30 to 40 degrees, for some.  They do it out of financial necessity or aesthetic predisposition, or because it's better for the environment.

Many belong to that hardy genus Artista domestica, a group unusually skilled at foraging in urban frontiers, and long-known for sacrificing “normal” creature comforts in favor of other boons like low overhead and capacious, atmospheric habitats. Why they stick it out, and how they cope, are object lessons in creative adaptation fueled by thrift, environmentalism and a commitment to unique real estate. (Denial and long underwear help, too.)

Given that some experts estimate that the built environment contributes about 48% of greenhouse gases, maybe these folks aren't so crazy.  Who needs LEED certification if you can just turn down the thermostat?  Way down.

Jamie Baker Roskie

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