Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Symposium on Climate Change, Water, and Adaptive Law

From our itinerant friend, Tony Arnold, who is visiting at University of Houston this semester:

The University of Houston Law Center and the Environmental & Energy Law
& Policy Journal are pleased to announce a Symposium on Climate Change,
Water, and Adaptive Law to be held on Friday, February 26, 2010, from
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Czech Center Museum, 4920 San Jacinto,
Houston, Texas 77004.  Leading experts from diverse universities,
disciplines, professional backgrounds, and policy making roles will
address how law and the legal system need to adapt to address the
impacts of climate change on water resources and regimes, and the extent
to which it can.

Speakers include:

Panel on State and Local Adaptation to Climate Change’s Impacts on

1. Robin Kundis Craig, Attorneys’ Title Professor and Associate Dean for
Environmental Programs, Florida State University College of Law (Opening
Presentation of the Symposium)

2. Noah Hall, Assistant Professor of Law, Wayne State University Law
School; Visiting Professor, University of Michigan Law School; Executive
Director, Great Lakes Environmental Law Center

3. Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Boehl Chair in Property & Land Use,
Professor of Law, Affiliated Professor of Urban Planning, Chair of the
Center for Land Use & Environmental Responsibility, University of
Louisville; Symposium Visiting Professor, University of Houston Law

4. Kathleen Miller, Scientist III, Institute for the Study of Society
and the Environment, National Center for Atmospheric Research

5. Daniella Landers, Shareholder, The Sutherland Law Firm, Houston, TX

Luncheon Keynote Speech:  The Hon. Eliot Shapleigh (D-El Paso), Texas
State Senate

Panel on Energy, Climate Change, and Water: The Complex Intersection

1. A. Dan Tarlock, Distinguished Professor of Law and Director of the
Program in Environmental and Energy Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law,
Illinois Institute of Technology

2. Lea-Rachel Kosnik, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of
Missouri-St. Louis; Dispute Resolution Panel Member for Federal
Hydropower Dam Relicenses, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

3. Amy Hardberger, Attorney, Environmental Defense Fund, Austin, TX

4. Elizabeth Burleson, Assistant Professor of Law, University of South
Dakota School of Law; Consultant, United Nations

5. Scott Deatherage, Partner, Environmental Law Section, & Practice
Group Leader, Climate Change & Renewable Energy Practice Group, Thomspon
& Knight, LLP, Dallas, TX

Symposium Description: "Water use and climate change share a complex,
dynamic, multiscalar interdependence.  Water use contributes to climate
change in the energy used to transfer water substantial distances, the
destruction of carbon-sequestering vegetation and erosion of soils (and
the subsequent release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere) from too
much or too little water, and the facilitation of sprawling (and
arguably unsustainable) development, among other relationships.
Hydropower has been suggested as an alternative energy source that
reduces emission of greenhouse gases, but poses a variety of other
ecological and social concerns.  Perhaps most importantly, climate
change will affect water supplies and watersheds, contributing to water
scarcity, rising sea levels, saltwater intrusion into groundwater, more
severe storm-event cycles that alter watershed hydrology, and changes to
riparian vegetation and stream structures that similarly alter watershed
functioning and composition.  This symposium will address the capacity
of water law to adapt to the changing, uncertain, and potentially
extreme demands and stresses that climate change -- and our responses to
climate change -- will put on water resources."

For more inhttp://www.law.uh.edu/eelpj/symposium.html, or contact Chief Symposium
Editor/Director - Lisa Baiocchi-Mooney, lcbaiocc@central.uh.edu.  The
Symposium will offer 8 hours of CLE credit for the State of Texas.

Jamie Baker Roskie


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