Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Land Use New Year!

A happy New Year to all of you with any of the wide array of professional or avocational interests that involve land use.  There are probably some interesting land use issues that involve public New Year's celebrations or even traditional New Year's events involving land, but I couldn't think of anything offhand.  So let's instead turn our attention to the future with this first post of 2010 and the new decade.

What will happen in the world of land use in 2010?  Will the financial crisis lead to new regulations and/or mortgage relief programs?  How will the housing market and the real estate industry do?  And how will that lead to new trends in buying vs. renting, redevelopment, or urban vs. suburban growth?  How will state & local budgets impact land use decisions?  Will any other cities embark on the road taken by Miami and perhaps Denver toward form-based codes?  What will happen to Detroit?  How will the Supreme Court rule on Stop the Beach?  What will the market want to see in land development?  Will the federal government take any steps to promote community development?  How will mass transit fare in the political arena?  Eminent domain reform?

I don't know, but it should be an interesting year!  Thanks for reading the Land Use Prof Blog and be sure to let us know if you have any ideas or feedback.

Matt Festa

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