Thursday, December 31, 2009

Land Use at AALS

The AALS Annual Meeting is next week at the Hilton Riverside in New Orleans.  Land Use doesn't have its own AALS Section; rather, land use issues are integral to many topical areas across the legal profession, including property law, real estate transactions, state & local government, environmental, administrative, and constitutional law.  So, if you are looking for a handy guide to land use-related programs at AALS, or are still deciding whether to head down to New Orleans (a fascinating land use city for a variety of reasons), here is a list I have compiled.

Thursday, Jan. 7
-- 8:15-5:30. Joint Program of Sections of Environmental Law and Natural Resources Law Field Trip [Waitlist].
-- 2:00-5:00. Real Estate Transactions, co-sponsored by Section on Property Law. Program selected from call for papers, to be published in the Indiana Law Review. Co-moderators: Carol N. Brown (North Carolina) & Lloyd T. Wilson, Jr. (Indiana). Speakers: Steven J. Eagle (George Mason); Robin Paul Malloy (Syracuse); Thomas W. Mitchell (Wisconsin); Rigel C. Oliveri (Missouri); Eduardo M. Penalver (Cornell); Aleatra P. Williams (Charleston).

Friday, Jan. 8
-- 7:00-8:30.  Section on State and Local Government Continental Breakfast.
-- 9:00-10:00. Poster Presentation sponsored by Section on Property Law. Poster Presenters: Jessica Owley Freeman (Pace); Alina Ng (Mississippi College). 
-- 10:30-12:15. Hot Topic: The Katrina Litigation: On the Front Edge of Civil, Constitutional, and Environmental Law. Moderator: Oliver A. Houck (Tulane). Speakers: Joseph M. Bruno, Jr. (Bruno & Bruno); Michael B. Gerrard (Columbia); Carlos A. Zelaya II (F. Gerald Maples, P.A.). 
-- 2:15-4:00. Presidential Program I—Transformative Scholarship. Moderator: Robert C. Post (Yale). Speakers: Dana Berliner (Institute for Justice); Richard A. Epstein (Chicago); Catherine A. MacKinnon (Michigan); Charles Swift (Swift & McDonald); Liza Velazquez (Paul, Weiss). Presumably, Berliner and Epstein will speak about property rights. 
-- 4:00-5:45. State and Local Government Law: The City as a Political Actor: Powers, Boundaries, Responsibilities. Moderator: Richard Briffault (Columbia). Speakers: Michelle W. Anderson (Berkeley); Lynn A. Baker (Texas); Clayton P. Gillette (NYU); Daniel B. Rodriguez (Texas); Aaron J. Saiger (Fordham).

Saturday, Jan. 9
-- 7:00-8:30. Property Law Breakfast.
-- 8:30-10:15. Environmental Law, co-sponsored by Section on Natural Resources. Climate Change and Legal Education: It’s Getting Hot in Here. Moderator: Douglas A. Kysar (Yale). Speakers: William Boyd (Colorado); Michael B. Gerrard (Columbia); Maxine I. Lipeles (Washington U.); John C. Nagle (Notre Dame).
-- 10:30-12:15. Natural Resources, co-sponsored by Section on Environmental Law. Climate Change and Adaptation in a Federal System. Moderator: Alejandro E. Camacho (Notre Dame). Speakers: Vicki Arroyo (Georgetown); Robin K. Craig (Florida State); Daniel A. Farber (Berkeley); Victor B. Flatt (Houston).
-- 1:45-5:00. New Orleans Neighborhood Solidarity Tour.

Sunday, Jan. 10
-- 9:00-10:45. Property Law: Junior Property Scholars Works-in-Progress. Program selected from call for papers; to be published in the Indiana Law Review. Moderator: Carol N. Brown (North Carolina). Speakers: David Fagundes (Southwestern); Alina Ng (Mississippi College). 

That's what I pulled from the program--let me know if I missed anything.  Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Matt Festa

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