Friday, October 30, 2009

Planetizen's Halloween Costumes for Urban Planners

For the Halloween edition of my month-old tradition of more humorous posts on the weekend, Planetizen's Nate Berg has Halloween Costumes for Urban Planners, 2d ed.  A taste:

One way to celebrate Halloween is to dress up like a city. This costume could rely heavily on stereotypes, but can also be influenced by current affairs. For example, get yourself a black eye and put your arm in a sling, and bam, you're Detroit. Or block some traffic and set up lawn chairs on a local street and you're New York City. Or you could get Brad Pitt to follow you around and be New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward.

Hey, didn't someone around here post about Brad Pitt in New Orleans?  And don't forget Will's post about Detroit's troubles.  Anyway, Berg goes on to offer trick-or-treat costumes for LEED, walkable urbanism, charettes, carbon footprints, FARs, and so on.  This follows on last year's 1st edition of Halloween Costumes for Urban Planners, with ideas such as:

This costume is more of a role-playing challenge. Try to take up as much room as possible. Drink a lot of water. Bring two cars. And wherever you go, make sure it's at least 20 miles away.

. . . . Along with dress-up ideas for bike lanes, UGBs, historic preservation, public transit, new urbanism, big box, and TOD.  Pretty good stuff.  Don't quit your day job, Nate, but thanks for the fun ideas! 

Happy Halloween to the Land Use community.

Matt Festa

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