Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More on Miami 21 transect-based land use code...

Thanks to Alan for his guest post on Miami 21.  I've been following the process closely as several colleagues from the New Urban world are working on the project. 

In addition to the information from the earlier post, here is a link to:

1.  The actual Miami 21 Code text scheduled for a second reading this month

2. A link to the Miami 21 Zoning Map (they call it an "atlas) that accompanies the text

While I have not been privy to the daily work on this exciting project, I do know that it has been filled with enough political intrigue and machinations to give Tom Wolfe material for a whole series of books.  Yet, through the leadership of the Mayor's office and the lead consulting firm of DPZ, a successful result is tantalizingly close. 

If the new code does pass, it will instantly become the most extensive transect-based/form-based code approved by any municipality in the U.S.  As my current work-in-progress focuses on the transect as a legal and regulatory tool, I'm hoping that the imminent success of Miami 21 provides momentum for transect-based coding throughout the country. 

Chad Emerson

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