Monday, October 26, 2009

Miami & Pedestrians

As a follow up to Chad Emerson's very helpful Oct. 26, 2009, posting here on form-based codes, the Congress for the New Urbanism is calling "Miami 21," Miami's new zoning code, "the most ambitious contemporary zoning reform yet undertaken by a major U.S. city."  Click here to read CNU's statement.  Miami 21 was approved on second reading on October 22, 2009, by a 4-1 vote.  Among its attributes, Miami 21 promises more pedestrian-friendly development, a significant change given the city's prior focus on automotive transport.  Denver and Philadelphia, among other cities, are considering similar plans.  Significantly, Miami 21 considers historic preservation in its application of form-based codes, a topic for a future post.

Will Cook, Charleston School of Law

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