Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gardening By Variance?

I'm actually pretty excited about this coming weekend.  There's an art and wine festival at our neighborhood and I have a great doubles tennis match set up.

But, even more than both of those, it's planting time this Saturday.  Some carrots, peppered with onions, a little kale, maybe a few potatoes, and various asundry other "greens" and root vegetables that Montgomery's temperate climate allow us to grow in the winter.  So, this weekend, I'll be placing the seeds (except for the potato where you just put the entire potato back into the ground and "Walla!" it sprouts) in this weekend with the hope of a nice bounty beginning circa late December 2009.

All of this is just fine since both the town where we reside and the neighborhood where we live allow for backyard gardens.  However, with self-farming and local produce growing in popularity, several people aren't as fortunate as us.

This story discusses the legal/regulatory debate that is taking root across the country regarding zoning laws and home gardens:

New Castle County is among dozens of local governments nationwide dealing with the intersection of lifestyle and land use as a recession-fueled interest in urban farming collides with strict laws originally drafted to keep neighborhoods clean and tidy...

...Whether it's suburbanites keeping a few cluckers in the backyard or city residents tending rooftop vegetable gardens, urban farming is gaining appeal, McCrea said, because it gives people a little control in a world where fears about the food supply are on the rise. Even First Lady Michelle Obama is getting in on urban farming, planting an organic vegetable garden at the White House to tout the benefits of healthier eating.

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