Monday, January 26, 2009

Time for leadership, not honoring …

Obama   President Obama has promised as his one of his first major actions to approve the funneling of federal money to local infrastructure projects and other economically stimulating land use projects.  But the latest word from Congress is that proposed bills would impose … now this is shock … a lot of pet projects that would do little to immediately stimulate the economy or change the face of American development.  If the President refrains from using his currently enormous popularity and clout to make Congress bend to his will in this matter, when would he?
   Meanwhile, here’s a less significant land use step that President Obama might be wise to take.  There are reports of local governments seeking to change street names (and create holidays) to honor our current president.  Honoring today’s politicians is always a bad idea.  (Witness the wise postal policy that no living person may appear on a stamp.)  It’s time for the President to nip in the bud this unwelcome manifestation of Obamania ….

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