Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tacos 1, L.A. County 0, but the game isn’t over …

    In the latest development in the growing field of mobile-food vending land use law, a Los Angeles county judge struck down yesterday a county ordinance (applicable outside the city of Los Angeles) that made it a crime to park a taco truck in one spot for more than one hour.  According the L.A. Times, the judge ruled that the law was unenforceable in part because it was too vague.
Taco      Now, it’s easy to speculate that such a law, adopted in April, was spurred by brick-and-mortar restaurants that have to pay rent or property taxes (but not necessarily gasoline)and that fear competition from cheap and mobile food vendors, of which there are hundreds in LA. County.  But let’s remember that there are good reasons for restricting certain land uses –- just as a homeowner might not like a steakhouse next door, it wouldn’t want a taco truck parked all day in front of the house.  Perhaps the county, which has promised to appeal, needs to craft a more subtle law that focuses on preventing land use harms.  After all, I want to make sure I can get a street taco next time I’m in L.A. County …

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