Friday, May 23, 2008

Libertarianism and land use law ...

   The Libertarian Party is holding its presidential convention this weekend in Denver.  This year, some expect that the libertarian message of “get government off our backs” might appeal to a large enough Building number of conservatives to affect the election.  In this blog, I often write from a viewpoint that is skeptical of land use regulatory solutions to solve community problems.  But when one reads stories such as those today about the apparently shoddy construction that lead to the collapse of schools (while  government building stand) in Sichuan Province, China, count me out of the libertarian agenda.  Skepticism of land use laws does not mean libertarianism.  It means, rather, that we must think closely before accepting claims of quick governmental solutions.  But for some kinds of land use laws, including building safety codes, I am very happy that government regulates the “liberty” of my fellow Americans.

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I'm sure that most libertarians would be happy to "count you out" of their circle. Those who think that government is the solution to every social ill really can't think at all, and are obviously blind to prevalent experience.

And on your main premise: that libertarians want to or should want to court conservatives, any libertarian who believes that a conservative is a potential ally hasn't been awake in the past decade.

Posted by: Craig J. Bolton | May 24, 2008 8:55:25 AM