Thursday, May 29, 2008

An oily change to federal land use policy? …

   My question about the upcoming presidential election is whether gasoline prices will be a major issue of the campaign … or whether it be the only major issue of the campaign.  What does this have to do with land use law?  A recent poll suggests that a sizeable number of Americans want our land Oil_well preservation policies to be altered to allow for oil drilling.  Not only may be the decades-long effort to drill in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge finally achieve the necessary public support, but opposition to more derricks offshore and in other protected areas might be open for serious discussion.  Yes, I understand the argument that allowing drilling inthe  ANWR and elsewhere probably would decrease prices by only a couple of pennies –- years from now.  But when the public demands action, politicians want to appear as if they are acting.  Now let’s hope there’s no oil in Yosemite Valley or under the Washington Monument …

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