Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The future of the great metropolis …

Newyork   The New Year's celebration inevitably brings to mind New York City, where I'm heading this week.  So I'll finish the week with some thoughts about America's largest city.  Today the Times published some thoughts by New Yorkers about what city life may be like 100 years from now.  In comparison to the ambitious predictions of 100 years ago (prognosticators in 1908 tended to predict huge land use changes, such as flying trains, but missed smaller changes, such as the development of the computer!), today's predictions are modest, and include much trepidation.  The director of the Skyscraper Museum, for example, predicted a future (unless the city is under water) of more high-tech glass buildings, bigger streetscape advertisements, and a treasuring of New York's old buildings, which were saved in the late 20th century.  So land use law be still be in the front of New Yorkers' minds?  Good. 

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