Wednesday, December 5, 2007

If you build it, will they walk? …

Westwood   It was certainly no surprise that the metro areas of Washington, Boston, and San Francisco were at the top of a ranking of the most “walkable” large areas in the nation, according to a detailed new report of the Brookings Institution.  Interestingly, New York was only 10th, just two places ahead of Los Angeles.  (Sadly, my area, Tampa Bay, was at the bottom of the 30 listed areas.)  On the Marketplace radio show yesterday, Brookings’s Chris Leininger ascribed the booming popularity of “walkable urban places” in new locations, such as Pasadena, Cal., in part to young adults who were raised by watching hip walking Manhattanites on “Seinfeld,” “Friends,” and “Sex and the City.”  (Was he joking?)  More seriously, Leininger suggested that land use law needs to be modified to accommodate more mixed use, walkable neighborhoods that combine apartments, offices, shops, and entertainment, which young people are clamoring for.  Attaboy …

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