Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One year later ... Katrina rebuilding .. and federalism?

   One year ago today, hurricane Katrina swept across the coasts of Louisiana and Mississippi.  The land use policy implications of the disaster and the rebuilding efforts and myriad, of course.  Here are stories today from the New Orleans' Times-Picayune and South Mississippi’s Sun-Herald.  In the debate over rebuilding, one point I have not heard often is virtues of federalism (although President Bush seemed to allude to it yesterday in a speech praising Mississippi’s efforts).  After all, Tiebout-ites presumably would claim that reserving land use and financing decisions to local governments provides a market in which citizens can choose:  Do I prefer a state with high taxes, more intrusions of government into private property, but more assistance during and after a disaster?  Or do I prefer a state with low taxes, little government meddling, and I’m pretty much on my own once a storm hits?   If such a choice seems inappropriate, why here and not elsewhere in land use policy?


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