Wednesday, May 3, 2006

New Orleans's new evacuation plan

   New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin announced yesterday the city’s new evacuation plan for the upcoming hurricane season.  A key feature is a plan to use public transportation to help out of the city those who cannot motor themselves out –- a feature in effect lacking in last year’s Katrina evacuation.  Another feature is the city’s statement that there will be no shelters “of last resort” –- people will not be told that they can retreat to the Superdome or Convention Center as a last resort.  This change is no doubt spurred by the horrible stories resulting from the days of flooding –- even if many of the tales of crime and chaos were not true.   
   Let’s hope that the statement about no shelters in the city is a little white land use lie –- that the statement is designed to get almost everyone out, while the city has quiet plans to provide shelter on high ground for those who don’t obey or can’t get out.  Sometimes a little dissembling is good policy.

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