Workplace Prof Blog is designed for law school professors teaching Employment Law, Employment Discrimination, Labor Law, Benefits, and related courses. The goal of the blog is to provide daily information on topics related to scholarship and teaching, and to help professors get to know each other better by profiling new employment/labor law professors and highlighting the recent accomplishments of established professors. Typical postings list recently-published scholarship, provide information about upcoming conferences and symposia, discuss pertinent news and legal developments, highlight new job opportunities, and review new teaching materials.

I invite you to visit the site and poke around. Daily posts are in the center column. The left column contains reference items, such as web links to journals specializing in employment/labor law, and web links to all other employment/labor law professors (listed both by name and school). In the right column, under the LexisNexis sponsorship ads, you can subscribe to the blog by typing your email address. This free service will email you daily the headlines from the previous day’s postings (with links to the blog); it will not subject you to spam (I tested it myself). Alternatively, you can bookmark the blog and return to it at your convenience.

If you’ve recently accomplished something noteworthy, if you are participating in or otherwise know of an employment/labor law conference, or if you have another item of information that you think other employment/labor professors might find interesting, please e-mail it to me at [email protected] or Paul M. Secunda at[email protected] so we can post it. Thanks!