Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Harkavy's Annual Update & Review of SCOTUS Arbitration Cases

HarkavyJonathan Harkavy (Patterson Harkavy) has just posted on SSRN both his annual Employment Law Update and an essay on SCOTUS's four recent compelled arbitration decisions. Here are the abstracts:




2022 Supreme Court Commentary: Employment Law

This article is the author's longstanding annual review of the Supreme Court's employment-related decisions of the term just ended. This year's article about the 2021 Term first summarizes every employment-related decision rendered by the Court through the end of the term in July of 2022. Each case summary is followed by the author's comments about the decision's significance to workplace stakeholders. Also included in this section are abbreviated summaries of all opinions and orders from the so-called "shadow docket" that are of consequence to employment relations. Next, the article provides short statements about each grant of certiorari for the upcoming term on issues affecting employment and labor law. The article concludes with brief additional commentary on the Supreme Court's work as it affects the American workplace.

Fresh Focus: the Supreme Court Confronts Compelled Employment Arbitration

This essay examines briefly four 2022 decisions of the United States Supreme Court dealing with forced arbitration of workplace disputes. The paper summarizes the factual background of each case and posits the effect of each decision on both employers and employees. The paper concludes by relating these four decisions to the Court's continuing embrace of compelled arbitration of employee claims.


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Thursday, September 1, 2022

DC LERA Upcoming Programs

Dc lera

Many thanks to Tequila Brooks for word on these programs:



  • On Thursday, 8 Sept. 2022 (10-2 ET / 4-6 GMT+2), the Second Annual Virtual Labor Law Forum is co-sponsored by the African Labour Law Society and will focus on Constructing and Deconstructing Racism: Tales of Work and Life in Virginia, the U.S., Europe, and South Africa. The panel will begin with the construction of Jim Crow labor laws in colonial Virginia, move to the adoption of US Civil Rights style strategies by Roma in the EU, continue through workplace race discrimination in post-apartheid modern South Africa, and end with the legacy of U.S. slavery in the modern U.S. workplace. Register here.
  • On Wednesday, 14 Sept. 2022 (12-2 pm ET, 6-8 GMT+2), DC LERA will hold a hybrid viewing of a brand new 2022 documentary on the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike. Also co-sponsored by ALLS, the film will be introduced by John Higgins and Mark Pearce, both formerly of the U.S. National Labor Relations Board. Afterward, there will be what we hope will be an international discussion of the film. If you would like to host a simultaneous viewing of the documentary for your labor law class, organization, or university, please email Tequila to coordinate - and all participate in the discussion together. Registration link pending (still working out final details with our other co-sponsor, The Georgetown Law School Worker Rights Institute). 


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