Friday, October 15, 2021

Jamillah Bowman Williams and Jeffrey Hirsch Honored at COSELL

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The program today at COSELL (hosted, wonderfully, by Vanderbilt Law School and Jennifer Shinall) featured a number of fascinating panels on workplace issues, and tomorrow's program looks equally engaging.  I am also pleased to report that at the awards ceremony this evening, Jamillah Bowman Williams (Georgetown Law) was the very-well deserved recipient of the Michael J. Zimmer Memorial Award (for a rising scholar who values workplace justice and community, and who has made significant contributions to the field of labor and employment law scholarship) and Workplace Prof Blog's very own Jeffrey Hirsch (North Carolina) was the well-deserved recipient of the Paul Stephen Miller Award (for outstanding academic and public contributions to the field of labor and employment law scholarship).  Please join mean in congratulating Jamillah and Jeff who are both prolific scholars and wonderful colleagues!

--Joe Seiner

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Congrats to these two deserving honorees! Thanks, Ruben

Posted by: Ruben J. Garcia | Oct 19, 2021 9:37:11 AM

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