Friday, March 6, 2020

The Coronavirus, Sick Leave, Working at Home and Potential Employer Liability


As I am sure most of us are aware, the outbreak of the Coronavirus has triggered a number of employment and labor law implications – – as would any pandemic that impacts the workplace. I am sure that there will be much written both in academia and the popular media in the coming months on this issue, so I thought I would put together a few of the more recent news pieces I have stumbled upon as some food for thought.

Fortune has an interesting piece on whether an employee is required to travel to a highly impacted area, and what happens if workers contract the illness while away on official duty.

Newsweek and the LA Times both have pieces on whether the United States should provide paid leave to employees that contract the virus and remain home while recovering. 

And CNN has an article on encouraging greater flexibility for workers to perform their job duties at home, even when healthy, during the outbreak.

This issue is obviously one that touches on a number of different legal fields, with labor and employment law included.  And there are definitely workplace issues that arise beyond the questions of employees becoming ill at work, wanting to work from home, and compensation for sick leave.  Feel free to leave any other related articles, data, information or other comments in the notes below, as this post only scratches the surface.

Joe Seiner

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