Saturday, October 12, 2019

Casting All Shreds of Modesty Aside...

Some readers might be interested in a symposium the Seton Hall Law Review is sponsoring about my work. Scheduled for November 1, it really has a star-studded collection of scholars discussing various aspects of the topics I've written on for lo these many years. In short, there's something for almost everyone in the employment law universe and all are welcome.

And, no, this doesn't mean I'm retiring either from scholarship or Seton Hall! 

A Symposium in Honor of the Work of Charles A. Sullivan

November 1, 2019

8:15 am:                       Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:00-9:15 am:               Welcome

Daniel F. Carola, Symposium Editor, Seton Hall Law Review, Seton Hall University School of Law

Kathleen M. Boozang, Dean and Professor of Law, Seton Hall University School of Law

9:15-9:30 am:               Overview

Timothy P. Glynn, Seton Hall University School of Law

 9:30-11:00 am:            Panel One: Faithless Servants, Employment Contracts, and the Sullivan Perspective

Rachel S. Arnow-Richman, University of Denver Sturm School of Law, Faithless Servants, Neglected Children:  Revisiting Sullivan’s Work on Employee Competition with a 2020 Vision

Matthew T. Bodie, St. Louis University School of Law, Taking Employment Contracts Seriously

Samuel Estreicher, New York University School of Law, Duty of Loyalty, Faithless Servants, and the Restatement of Employment Law

11:00-11:15 am:           Break

11:15-12:45 pm:           Panel Two: Antidiscrimination Insights: Causation, the Cat’s Paw, and Age Discrimination

William R. Corbett, Louisiana State University Law Center, Explorations with Charlie Sullivan: Theorizing a Larger Universe of Employment Discrimination Law

Sandra F. Sperino, University of Cincinnati College of Law, Charlie Sullivan Kills the Cat's Paw

Rebecca Hanner White, University of Georgia School of Law, Aging on Air

12:45-1:45 pm:             Lunch

1:45 – 3:15 pm:            Panel Three:  Social Change and Workplace Law

Michael Z. Green, Texas A&M University School of Law, Mediating Mental Illness as a Workplace Accommodation

Ann C. McGinley, UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law, MeToo Backlash or Common Sense?: It’s Complicated

Sachin S. Pandya, University of Connecticut School of Law, On Evidence of Social Networks in Employment Law:  Conjectures From Charlie Sullivan’s Shoulders

3:15-3:30 pm:               Break

3:30-5:00 pm:               Panel Four: Disparate Impact and the Future of Workplace Justice

Tristin K. Green, University of San Francisco School of Law, The Juxtaposition Turn: Watson v. Fort Worth Bank

Michael Selmi, Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Bending Towards Workplace Justice

Steven L. Willborn, Nebraska College of Law, Two Takes on Charlie’s Disparate Impact

5:00 pm:                      Closing Remarks

Tatiana S. Laing, Editor-in-Chief, Seton Hall Law Review, Seton Hall University School of Law



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