Friday, March 15, 2019

Digital Charge Filing Updates


The EEOC has proposed some rule changes as part of its digital charge filing system. The Commission has accepted the filing of digital employment discrimination charges for awhile, and it is now seeking to tweak the system through a notice of proposed rule making (NPRM). Per the government's website:

"The NPRM invites public comment on a pro­posal to more clearly communicate that a no-cause closure does not equate to a finding that the allegations in the charge are meritless, and to include similar language on EEOC's "Dismissal and Notice of Rights." The NPRM also proposes to clarify the filing deadline for charges filed in locations where a state or local fair employment practices agency exists but does not have jurisdiction over the statutory basis for a charge. Finally, the NPRM would allow office directors in the field to delegate authority to issue a "Dismissal and Notice of Rights" with established procedures and quality standards to support increased efficiencies."

Filing charges digitally allows individuals greater access to the judicial forum, and these updates will further help to streamline this system.

- Joe Seiner

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