Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Equal Pay and the Boston Symphony Orchestra


There is a great piece in the New York Times that was just called to my attention which does a wonderful job of exploring a lawsuit alleging pay discrimination at the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  The lawsuit is brought by a premier flutist who maintains that she is paid about 75% as much as her most comparable colleague, who is an oboist.  The allegations call to mind the well-known study on gender discrimination which was performed decades ago with respect to musical blind auditions, and shows that this type of discrimination is still present today.  The article notes that the plaintiff, "who previously held positions in Baltimore, Washington and Indiana, joined the Boston Symphony in 2004. She has been a featured soloist with the orchestra 27 times, more than any other principal musician, according to the lawsuit. Critics for The New York Times have called her playing 'ravishing' and 'splendid.'"  If you are researching in the pay or gender discrimination area, this article is definitely worth a look.

- Joe Seiner

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