Thursday, November 8, 2018

Google Responds to Walkout; Changes Harassment Policy

The recent worldwide walkout at Google (as reported in the NY Times here) has lead to a response from the company today.  Google will make a number of changes to its sexual harassment policies that will impact all workers at the company.  From the LA Times, noting that Google is:

"dropping the requirement that sexual misconduct cases be handled in arbitration. . . Google also promised to provide more details about sexual misconduct cases in internal reports available to all employees. . . The company said it is also stepping up its training aimed at preventing misconduct, requiring all employees to go through the process annually instead of every other year."

This is a great illustration of how increased awareness in the area of sexual harassment and hostile working environments -- combined with the collective action of employees -- lead to concrete results and action by an employer (though not all of the workers' demands were met).

-- Joe Seiner

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