Tuesday, July 24, 2018

ILERA Conference - Seoul

IleraI am attending this week the International Labour and Employment Relations Association conference in Seoul. Here's a brief description of the organization:

The International Industrial Relations Association (IIRA) was established in 1966 in response to a growing need to develop and exchange knowledge in the field of industrial relations, at the international level, and provide the academic and the practitioner with a forum for discussion and research. Its founding members were the British Universities Industrial Relations Association, the Industrial Relations Research Association (USA), the International Institute for Labour Studies (Geneva, Switzerland) and the Japan Institute of Labour. In 2010 it was decided to change its name to International Labour and Employment Relations Association, Ilera.

There are a respectable number of U.S. academics, mostly from business and ILR schools; relatively few are law faculty. There are about 1900 total attendees. There's a good mix of academics, H.R. practitioners, and labor union activists, though most of the panels are academically oriented. This is my first time to attend ILERA; I'm here because I (correctly) anticipated heavy representation from folks throughout East and Southeast Asia.

If you're interested in learning more, email me. If you're interested in attending the next ILERA conference (Lund, Sweden, 21-24 June 2021), a conference brochure is after the page break.




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