Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Weinstein, Harassment & Reporting in Hollywood

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As we are all aware by now, there have been numerous allegations of sexual harassment and assault against the well-known Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.  The allegations go back many years and are made by many well-known members of the acting community.  The story is an important reminder that while harassment is often subtle, it can be (and still often is) quite overt and frequently crosses the line into assault.

There are many issues in this story which involve various aspects of harassment law, and this news story is certainly one that could be discussed for several different purposes in both your employment law and employment discrimination courses.  Feel free to share your thoughts on the case in the comments below.  One interesting aspect of the issue to me involves the relative silence of male members of the Hollywood community, and the lack of males generally to report the issue.  There is a good story on that particular part of the case in the Guardian, which is available here.  Regardless of gender, everyone must be cognizant of an existing hostile working environment, and should report it when it occurs.  And employers must foster an open environment that encourages this type of reporting by every employee in the workplace. 

It is unfortunate that it often takes this type of story to bring these issues to light.  Nonetheless, the story can help bring awareness to this ongoing problem in the workplace.

-- Joe Seiner


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