Wednesday, January 11, 2017

DOL Exit Memo


Last week, outgoing Labor Secretary Thomas Perez authored an exit memorandum outlining the present and future of employment rights. The memo is very well written and makes some compelling arguments in a number of areas. The Secretary touches on several of the high-profile topics of the day, including wages, equal pay, retirement benefits, worker compensation, child labor, family leave and worker categorization in the modern economy. A brief excerpt, which discusses the future of employment in the gig sector:

“The largest question for the next administration and beyond is how we embrace innovation in this dynamic economy while ensuring that the changing nature of work continues to honor the bedrock principle that workers are not in it alone in securing basic protections. Today, due in part to new business models and the more transient and attenuated employment relationships that characterize the fissuring of work, we are seeing more workers lose the assurance of a fair wage guaranteed by the FLSA, the support promised by the workers’ compensation system when they are injured on the job, and the promise of a secure retirement provided by defined benefits plans.”

Because it covers such a broad range of areas, I recommend taking a look at this memo to those who have any interest in labor and employment law.

-- Joe Seiner

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