Friday, August 12, 2016

Donuts & Harassment


While claims of sexual harassment have always been pervasive in the workplace, there seem to have been a number of high profile claims in the news recently.  The EEOC recently settled such a case with very egregious allegations involving Dunkin' Donuts for $150,000.  From the EEOC news release:

"According to EEOC's lawsuit, [a franchise company] violated federal law by subjecting female employees, some of whom were in their teens at the time, to sexual harassment by a store manager at one of its Dunkin' Donuts locations. For example, EEOC said, the store manager talked about his genitals, tried to kiss a female worker who was 20 years old at the time, and pressured her to have sex. The manager hit her, cursed and yelled at her regularly due to being rejected by her. When she contacted the police, she was fired in retaliation for resisting his advances, EEOC said."

This case is an important reminder for employers to remain cognizant of sexual harassment in the workplace at all times and to actively make efforts to prevent this form of discrimination.

- Joe Seiner

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