Monday, February 1, 2016

Kaplan on Getting Money Out of Your Retirement Savings Accounts

KaplanRichard Kaplan (Illinois) has just posted on SSRN his chapter What Now? A Boomer's Baedeker for the Distribution Phase of Defined Contribution Retirement Plans (NYU Review of Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation, Chapter 4, 2015). Here's the abstract:

Baby Boomers head into retirement with various retirement-oriented savings accounts, including 401(k) plans and IRAs, but no clear pathway to utilizing the funds in these accounts. This Article analyzes the major factors and statutory regimes that apply to the distribution or “decumulation” phase of defined contribution retirement arrangements. It begins by examining the illusion of wealth that these largely tax-deferred plans foster and then considers how the funds in those plans can be used to: (1) create regular income; (2) pay for retirement health care costs, including long-term care; (3) make charitable donations; and (4) provide resources to those who survive the owners of these plans.


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