Friday, February 5, 2016

Breastfeeding at Work

As we are well aware, breastfeeding in the workplace continues to be a controversial employment law issue.  Recent case law and regulations on the topic have helped to provide some guidance on this issue.  The United States is not alone in recent attempts to address this topic.  A fascinating article in the New York Times looks at a recent move to permit breastfeeding for members of the Australian Parliament.  From the article:

"The rule change in the House of Representatives — where 40 of the 150 members are women — on the first sitting day of the year means that lawmakers can now bring their babies into the chamber. Previously children were confined to the public galleries or offices."

It is easy to forget that other countries around the world sometimes struggle with the same employment issues that we face in this country, and this article serves as an important reminder.

-Joe Seiner

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