Friday, August 28, 2015

Workplace Safety After Virginia

There are many compelling storylines to come out of the recent tragic events in Virginia.  One issue is the topic of workplace safety.  A fascinating article in the NY Times today looks squarely at that question, examining what employers can do if suspicions arise concerning particular workers.  From the piece:

"Employers face conflicting legal obligations and huge uncertainties. They have a legal duty to provide a safe workplace, and can even be sued for failing to prevent predictable threats, according to legal experts. . . The federal disabilities act prohibits discrimination against disabled people, including those with mental illness."

The article considers the views of a number of different disciplines and is worth reading.  The issue is an important reminder of the importance of properly addressing workplace safety issues.

- Joe Seiner

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Very interesting article. Hopefully this tragic situation can lead to some good in that we will be discussing workplace safety and, possibly, prevent situations like this in the future.

Posted by: Jordan | Aug 28, 2015 1:40:45 PM

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