Wednesday, November 5, 2014

State Minimum Wage Measures

PaycheckAlthough labor-side advocates would be hard pressed to put a poisitive spin on yesterday's elections, there is one silver lining for those folks.  In four states, voters approved measures to increase their state's minimum wage.  What's suprising is that they were all traditionally red states:  Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota.  And the margin of vistory wasn't really close, with approval gaining support from 69%, 65%, 59%, and 53%, respectively.

The states vary in the time period and amount of the increase, with the final minimum going to $9.75 in Alaska, $9 in Nebraska, $8.50 in South Dakota, and $8.50 in Arkansas.  This isn't like $15/hour Seattle, but is fairly impressive for electorates not usually sympathetic to employee-side legislation.


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