Saturday, June 28, 2014

EEOC Update - $100,000 Settlement in Harassment Case


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The EEOC recently settled an interesting national origin/religion harassment case with an Illinois based GMC/Cadillac car dealership. The complaint had alleged widespread harassment against three Arab Muslim workers.  The allegations included that “managers allegedly used offensive slurs, such as 'terrorist,' 'sand n----r' and 'Hezbollah,' and made mocking and insulting references to the Qur'an and the manner in which Muslims pray."  From the EEOC's press release:

“The affected employees will share $100,000 in monetary relief, and Rizza Cadillac will be taking affirmative steps to ensure a change in the work environment at the dealership, including providing training to all employees regarding compliance with Title VII; submitting periodic reports to the EEOC about any complaints of national origin or religious discrimination; and posting a notice regarding the outcome of the lawsuit on its employee bulletin board for two years.”

As this case demonstrates, national origin discrimination continues to be a problem and one that is continually monitored by the Commission.

-- Joe Seiner

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