Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rubinstein on Attorney Labor Unions

MrubinsteinFriend of the blog, Mitchell Rubinstein of the Adjunct Law Prof Blog has an interesting post concerning the potential formation of attorney labor unions in Ohio.

Here is a taste:

A few years ago I wrote a short article about attorney labor unions. (Attorney Labor Unions article)

The point of that article is that attorneys are employees like anyone else. The rules are not any different simply because lawyers are involved.

There is a battle going on in Ohio whether Assistant Directors of Law for the Civil Division in the City of Cleveland are eligible for unionization. The issue boils down to whether or not these attorneys are public employees as that term is defined in the Ohio statute.

The City won round one in that the Ohio State Employment Relations Board held that the attorneys were not public employees because they act in a fiduciary capacity to public officals.

Read more about this interesting case and Mitch's observation in his post.  Could be an important development for attorneys looking for more voice in the workplace.



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