Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Edition of Gorman & Finkin's Basic Text

LaborLaura Cooper (Minnesota) writes to say:

For those who have been awaiting a new edition of the authoritative and insightful hornbook, Basic Text on Labor Law:  Unionization and Collective Bargaining by Professors Robert A. Gorman and Matthew W. Finkin, you should know that the new edition is out and even better than its predecessors.  The new version comes from Juris Publishing and is titled Labor Law Analysis and Advocacy.  In addition to the excellent analysis of the predecessor hornbooks, this new book includes not just substantive updating but also commentary from two experienced labor attorneys (management attorney Lawrence J. Cazza and union attorney David A. Rosenfeld) who have inserted in boxes throughout the book relevant advocacy and planning advice for attorneys representing unions and employers.


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