Friday, June 14, 2013

Cherry and Carlson on Virtual Workplace Whistleblowers

WhistleCongratulations to both Miriam Cherry (St. Louis) and Richard Carlson (Sout Texas) who were both mentioned in a recent article by AOL News discussing the importance of virtual workplace whistleblowers in light of the Snowden affair.  The article is entitled: New Type Of Whistle-Blower: Young, Internet Savvy And Headed For Jail.

In particular, Miriam's latest article was written up by AOL News.  Here are some highlights:

Miriam Cherry, a professor at Saint Louis University School of Law and author of the report, calls them "virtual whistle-blowers." Unlike past generations, they're blogging, dropping surreptitious videos onto YouTube or leaking documents to online groups such as WikiLeaks, as Bradley Manning allegedly did. Cherry points to a growing army of "whistle-bloggers," employees who blog -- usually anonymously -- about illegal activities at their places of work. No state so far, she notes, has whistle-blower laws on the books to explicitly protect bloggers -- let alone the people who post YouTube videos or leak to Wikileaks.

Here is a link to Miriam's featured article. Congratulations to both Miriam and Richard!


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