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Recently Published Scholarship: St. John's LR Symposium


St. John’s Law Review, Volume 86, Number 2 - Spring 2012

Symposium: Worlds of Work: Employment Dispute Resolution Systems Across the Globe

  • Paul F. Kirgis & David Gregory, Introduction
  • Keynote Address: Theodore J. St. Antoine, The Moral Dimension of Employment Dispute Resolution, p. 391.
  • Samuel Estreicher, Strategy for Labor Revisited, p. 413.
  • William B. Gould IV, A Century and Half Century of Advance and Retreat: The Ebbs and Flows of Workplace Democracy, p.431.
  • Julius Getman & Dan Getman, Winning the FLSA Battle: How Corporations Use Arbitration Clauses to Avoid Judges, Juries, Plaintiffs, and Laws, p. 447.
  • George H. Cohen, Advancing Student Achievement in the United States Public Schools Through Labor-Management Collaboration: The FMCS’s Evolving Role in Education Reform, p.465.
  • David L. Gregory & Michael Harary, A Comparative Assessment of Labor and Employment Dispute Resolution in the United States and United Kingdom from 2006 Through 2011, p. 485.
  • Guido Carducci, The Importance of Legal Context and Other Considerations in Assessing the Suitability of Negotiations, Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation in Resolving Effectively Domestic and International Disputes (Employment Disputes and Beyond), p. 511.
  • Ronald C. Brown, Comparative Alternative Dispute Resolution for Individual Labor Disputes in Japan, China, and the United States: Lessons from Asia?, p. 543.
  • Elayne E. Greenberg, Overcoming Out Global Disability in the Workforce: Mediating the Dream, p. 579.
  • Mary Kalich, Do You Need A Doctor’s Note? Lay Testimony Should be Sufficient Evidence for FMLA Leave Unless Compelling Counter Conditions Exist, p. 603.
  • Jennifer Kelly, He Said, She Said: Sex Prosecutions and Spousal Privileges Under the Federal Rules of Evidence, p. 637.
  • Nicole Lapsatis, In the Best Interests of No One: How New York’s “Best Interests of the Child” Law Violates Parents’ Fundamental Right to the Care, Custody, and Control of Their Children, p. 673.
  • Daniel Mazzella, We’re on a Mission from God: Properly Interrupting RLUIPA’s “Equal Terms” Provision, p. 715.


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