Monday, March 25, 2013

Recently Published Scholarship: STLR Symposium on Whistleblowing


South Texas Law Review

Citizen Employees: Whistleblowers and Other Employees Acting in the Public Interest

  • Richard Carlson, Foreward, 1.
  • Miriam Cherry, Virtual Whistleblowing, 9.
  • Orly Lobel, Linking Prevention, Detection, and Whistleblowing: Principles for Designing Effective Reporting Systems, 37.
  • Geoffrey Christopher Rapp, States of Pay: Emerging Trends in State Whistleblower Bounty Schemes, 53.
  • Sonny Eckhart, Postconference Reflector: A Nudged Solution to Securities Fraud, 81.
  • Jarod S. Gonzalez, Whistleblower Laws, Workplace Safety and Healthm, and Scientific Laboratory Employees, 139.


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