Monday, February 18, 2013

Recently Published Scholarship


  • Sandra F. Sperino, Discrimination Statutes, The Common Law, and Proximate Cause, 2013 Illinois L. Rev. 1.
  • Sandra F. Sperino, Revitalizing State Employment Discrimination Law, 20 George Mason L. Rev. 545 (2013).
  • Matthew P. Mooney, Between a Stone and a Hard Place: How the Hajj Can Restore the Spirit of Reasonable Accommodation to Title VII, 62 Duke L.J. 1029 (2013).
  • Alexander Volokh, Privatization and the Elusive Employee-Contractor Distinction, 46 UCDavis L. Rev. 133 (2012).
  • Beverly I. Moran, Islamic Law Meets ERISA: How America's Private Pension System Unintentionally Discriminates Against Muslims and What to Do About It, 46 UCDavis L. Rev. 209 (2012).


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