Friday, February 22, 2013

Recently Published Scholarship: ABA JLEL

The Journal of the ABA Section of Labor & Employment Law
Volume 28, Number 1, Fall 2012

SYMPOSIUM: Employee Benefits in an Era of Retrenchment

  • Peter J. Wiedenbeck, The Editor's Page
  • Sean M. Anderson, ERISA Benefits Litigation: An Empirical Picture
  • Susan E. Cancelosi, The Quandary of Federal Intervention in Retiree Health Benefits
  • Jonathan Barry Forman, Optimal Distribution Rules for Defined Contribution Plans: What Can the United States Learn from Other Countries?
  • Kathryn L. Moore, Social Security in an Era of Retrenchment: What Would Happen if the Social Security Trust Funds Were Exhausted?
  • Dana M. Muir, Default Settings in Defined Contribution Plans: A Comparative Approach to Fiduciary Obligation and the Role of Markets
  • Radha A. Pathak & Brendan S. Maher, Health Insurance & Federalism-in-Fact
  • Paul M. Secunda, Lessons from the Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions for U.S. Policymakers
  • David L. Johnson, The Parameters of "Solicitation" in an Era of Non-Solicitation Covenants
  • Ian Hayes, The Unconstitutionality of Section 8(b)(4)(ii)(B) and the Supreme Court's Unique Treatment of Union Speech
  • Jonathan Reiner, Preserving Workers' Statutory Rights: An Analysis of the NLRB General Counsel's Proposed Post-Arbitration Deferral Policy


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