Friday, January 18, 2013

Call for Papers: Work and Vulnerability Conference at Emory Law

ConfThe Vulnerability and the Human Condition Initiative the Feminism and Legal Theory Project at Emory Law School has put out a call for papers for their Work and Vulnerability Conference which is due to take place on April 5th and 6th at Emory Law School in Atlanta, Georgia.

Topics may include, among others:

**To the extent that the social contract addresses our shared vulnerability, what specific aspects directly address labor and employment?

**What are the specific vulnerabilities of employees? Employers? How do their distinct vulnerabilities interrelate?

**What are the legal and political implications of the identification of Labor-Rights with Human-Rights across nations?

**To what extent should the state and public concerns be involved in regulating the private workplace outside of basic health and safety issues?

**Can we still talk about "employees" as a generality? Or should we distinguish between categories and groups of workers? If so, how?

**How might the idea of the union or social collective be redefined and how can the entities that emerge (traditional or reinvented) gain support to, not only be tolerated, but facilitated in the 21st century?

All the details of the conference and how to submit a paper can be found here.


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