Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Recently Published Scholarship


  • Criag Robert Senn, Ending Discriminatory Damages, 64 Alabama L. Rev. 187 (2012).
  • Ida Danielle Mashburn-Myrick, Giving "The Help" the Silent Treatment: How Alabama's New Immigration Law Punishes Domestic Workers, Ignores Certain Employers, and Shortchanges Us All, 64 Alabama L. Rev. 443 (2012).
  • Parker Graham, Whistleblowers in the Workplace: The Government Employee's "Official Duty" to Tell the Truth, 65 SMU L. Rev. 685 (2012).
  • Molly E. Whitman, The Intersection of Religion and Sexual Orientation in the Workplace: Unequal Protections, Equal Employees, 65 SMU L. Rev. 713 (2012).


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