Sunday, September 16, 2012

Work Stoppage Updates

NFLWe've had a few work stoppages developing, with a couple just this week.  Here's a status report.

  • The NFL referees are still not working and it's not clear whether negotiations are proceeding positively.  But performance of the replacement refs are still a concern, especially after today.
  • Not to de outdone by the NFL, the NHL has locked out hockey players.  Again.  Different year, same story:  a fight over money.  After getting concessions in the last CBA, the teams want more and the players are pushing back.  Who knows how long this will take.
  • It was looking like Chicago teachers might return to work this week after a framework of a new agreement was reached.  But after a meeting with union delegates, the union is refusing to call of the strike until the membership can look at the agreement more and possibly continue negotations on some matters (note the interview in the story with a teacher from "Gompers Elementary School").  I've got to give credit to a teacher I met Saturday on the Chicago subway who was returning from a rally (I was leaving my hotel, the Hilton, which happened to be where the negotiations were being held.)  She said that at that point, the teachers only knew what they had seen in the news and that she had heard that it was likely that they would continue on strike the following week.  Looks like she was right.

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