Thursday, August 9, 2012

Discrimination Statutory Supplement

GroverBookSusan Grover, Sandra Sperino, and Jared Gonzalez have just posted a free statutory supplement for employment discrimation law courses.  They, of course, have their own textbook at that site, but free is free.  As noted by the authors:

In an effort to diminish the costs of law school for students, we are making available a free statutory supplement for Employment Discrimination courses.  The statutory supplement provided below contains relevant portions of Title VII, the ADEA, the ADEA, section 1981, section 1981(a), the Civil Rights Act of 1991, the Congressional Accountability Act, the Equal Pay Act and Fair Labor Standards Act (provisions related to employment discrimination), the FMLA, the Federal Arbitration Act, GINA, IRCA and the Portal-to-Portal Act. 


The authors give permission for this supplement to be used with attribution for any educational purpose, as long as the materials are provided to students for free or for copying costs.  Instructors may also edit the available document to meet their course needs.  The statutory supplement is available in Word and pdf formats.



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I wanted to provide a disinterested plug for Susan, Sandra and Jared's casebook. I just finished using it for the first time during our second summer session. In short, I thought it was great. The case selection is very good and it is well organized and flows logically. However the numerous, detailed "exercises" which illustrate the application of the law really set it apart. Some are simple -- Eric can't read, is he protected under the ADA - others are more complex and practical -- drafting an anti- fraternization policy for an employer -- but all dealt with critical application issues and introduced students to the myriad legal and extra-legal considerations an employment lawyer faces every day. I will definitely be using it again.

Posted by: Brian Clarke | Aug 10, 2012 5:14:58 PM

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