Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recently Published Scholarship: Comparative Labor Law & Policy J.


Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal

Vol. 33, #3 (2012)

  • Alan Bogg and Tonia Novitz, Investigating "Voice" at Work, p. 323.
  • Eric Tucker, Labor's Many Constitutions (and Capital's Too), p. 355.
  • Alan Bogg and Keith Ewing,  A (Muted) Voice at Work? Collective Bargaining in the Supreme Court of Canada, p. 379.
  • Stuart White, Liberal Neutrality and Trade Unions, p. 417
  • Simon Deakin and Artistea Koukiadaki, Capability Theory, Employee Voice, and Corporate Restructuring: Evidence from U.K. Case Studies, p. 427
  • Wanjiru Njoya, Job Security in a Flexible Labor Market: Challenges and Possibilities for Worker Voice, p.459
  • Charlotte Villiers, Why Employee Protection Legislation Is Still Necessary, p.481.


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