Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Recently Published Scholarship: ABA JLEL

AbajlelABA Journal of Labor & Employment Law
Volume 27, Number 1, Fall 2011


  • Catherine Fisk and Xenia Tashlitsky, Imagine a World Where Employers Are Required to Bargain with Minority Unions, pg. 1.
  • Allan G. King & Syeeda S. Amin, The Propensity to Stereotype as Inadmissible "Character" Evidence, pg. 23.
  • Christopher Lage, Avoiding and Dealing with Unethical Communications with Putative Class Members in Systemic Cases, pg. 43.
  • Robert B. Stulberg & Amy F. Shulman, Litigating Cross-Border Discrimination Claims in Multiple Jurisdictions: A Global Strategy for Expatriate Employees, pg. 61.
  • Philip A. Miscimarra, Capital Investment, Relocations, and Major Business Changes Under the NLRA, pg. 79.
  • Julius Getman, The Boeing Case: Creating Outrage Out of Very Little, pg. 99.
  • Louise N. Smith, Employers Beware: Civil RICO Provision Creates Private Enforcement of Immigration Laws, pg. 103.
  • J. Bennett Lebsack, Confusion Demands Simplicity: Applying FRCP 26 to ERISA Conflict of Interest Discovery Requests, pg. 121.



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